Proximity 5’s PX5 platform provides the performance, scalability and security the mobile world needs. The PX5 platform has the ability to deliver personalized and targeted micro-location experiences to Bluetooth low energy enabled mobile devices.

At Proximity 5, we want developers to love the simplicity and power of the PX5 platform as it seemlessly intergates into their apps. We want companies to love it because it bridges the gap between the phyiscal world and real engagement with mobile users. Its not just about delivering content to a user, but allowing thm to do something "real."

Let Proximity 5 manage all your beacons, proximity events, triggered tasks, notifications, push messaging, mobile content through our secure, fast and reliable PX5 dashboard.

PX5 SDK & Rest APIs

The PX5 platform provides a complete backend beacon solution for your mobile application. Proximity 5's goal is to totally eliminate the need for writing application code to execute micro-location/beacon experiences. The PX5 platform contains a simple and powerful SDK (iOS & Android ) plus RESTful API to intialize beacon detections, save profiles, and access reporting.

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Beacon Management Back to top

At Proximity 5, we are beacon hardware agnostic. As long as the beacon hardware follows the iBeacon specification, we can manage it.

Proximity 5's PX5 platform can store and manage thousands of beacons across multiple native applications and proximity events. Within the PX5 platform, beacons are geotagged with an latitude and longitude. This geotagging allows a PX5 patent pending cloud manager to dynamically download all possible beacons within a configured search radius. (Example: Beacons within a 1 kilometer radius).

We have provided a list of suggested hardware here.

iBeacon Hardware Recommendations

Proximity Event Management Back to top

When a PX5 enabled app is installed, PX5 will immediately start monitoring for when a mobile device enter and exits a beacon's proximity. No matter what happens, as long as the app is installed, beacons will be detected and handled by PX5.

A PX5 proximity event is configured by type (Enter/Exit location region), range (immediate,near,far), schedule, and time intervals. Proximity events can be assigned beacons, tasks, and a specic piece of content.

Upon entering or leaving an iBeacon region, the PX5 platform notifies your app of the proximity event + device range + assigned content.

Task Management Back to top

PX5 tasks are key to building truly interactive and scalable micro-location experiences. PX5 tasks are configurable background jobs triggered by proximity events. Tasks transfer both time and intensive tasks from the mobile device to the Proximity 5 high availbility task engine.

Tasks will give you the ability to execute relevant activities. For example, you can configure an PX5 task to:

  • Check In or Out of Location
  • Notify Customer Service
  • Notify CRM
  • Send an Email
  • Turn on/off device
  • Start an activity
This empowers your mobile application and systems with the tools to place beacon is smart areas to do smart things when mobile users are in range. If you have a web service, we can make beacon trigger it.

Content Management Back to top

Proximity 5’s content management tools make it simple for companies to design, deliver and manage content used within highly targeted micro-location experiences. Mobile notifications, web views, external links, videos, custom layouts can be created used using Proximity 5’s web tools . This gives your company the agility to develop and deliver content across your beacon fleet. PX5 content can be personalized using targeting tags and personalized information stored within PX5 devices profiles called identities.

Dashboard & Analytics Back to top

Proximity 5 gives companies the ability to monitor and optimize virtually every aspect of micro-location experiences. From beacon visits and app engagement to task executions, companies have access to a broad set of real-time and performance metrics. Flexible data filtering options provide rich insights to better understand and continuously improve mobile engagement.

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We working hard to deliver a solution. Stay Tuned.