Proximity 5 Announces PX5-Hospitality

Today Proximity 5 announced the launch of PX5-Hospitality. PX5-Hospitality is an expansion to Proximity 5’s cloud based platform that is focused on the specific demands of the hospitality industry. Proximity 5 provides hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, and travel providers with the innovative tools and mobile SDKs to boost performance and revenue of mobile applications. PX5 Hospitality enables customers to quickly deploy features that enhance and optimize guest services.

These includes:

  • Automated Check-In
  • Staff Notifications
  • Points of Interest
  • Order Services - Restaurants, Bars, Pools, Room Service
  • Entertainment Services
  • Stay Information - PNR Lookup

PX5-Hospitality is powered by Proximity 5's PX5 iBeacon management platform. The PX5 platform leverages micro-location and web technologies to enhance mobile experiences that utilize iBeacon micro-location technology. The PX5 platform can manage thousands of iBeacons and corresponding proximity events, tasks, locations, and content. PX5’s task management feature allows hotels, casinos, resorts, and restaurants to setup tasks triggered by iBeacon proximity events, such as entering or exiting an area. Make every mobile user feel like a VIP today.

About Proximity 5

Proximity 5 is a fully-managed cloud based beacon management service featuring highly-available APIs, SDKs, triggered proximity events, web-based tools, 24/7 monitoring, and expert support. Since its inception in 2014, Proximity 5 is dedicated to bringing affordable micro-location technology to businesses and developers. Let Proximity 5 handle the last 5 meters between your app and the physical environment. Learn more at


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