iBeacons & Apple Pay, A Digital Marketing Revolution is born

Why has Apple Pay and iBeacons started a digital revolution?
To answer this question, lets first look at Apple Pay. Apple’s announcement of Apple Pay is a huge leap forward in delivering a “true" customer friendly payment experience. Previous attempts by mobile wallet startups, Paypal, and Google where “functional" but the user experience was awkward. People don’t want to enter long passwords, search for apps, scan QR codes, go into menus, and-or be burdened by time consuming mobile payment process. Consumers want to pay now and get on with their day. If it takes less time to pull out the credit card than go through the hassle of making a mobile payment, the old way will usually wins. Apple Pay combines the security, technology, and simplicty into the payment process. Just hold up your phone and listen for the beep, purchase is complete.

Next, what about iBeacons?
iBeacons enable true micro-location based communication with consumers who are currently at a store, hotel, event, or point of interest. iBeacons can be placed anywhere, above an entrance, next to a product, in a pub/bar, hotel lobby, etc. Leveraging a Beacon Management system, like Proximity 5, an iBeacon can mapped to relevant and targeted content when a consumer is at the highest “Propensity-to-buy.” Content can be simple notifications, unique offers, information, announcements, and video. iBeacons can jumpstart the beginning of your purchase funnel. Placing iBeacons above entrances, you can notify and build awareness of offers and products as customers enter and browse store.

Owen Geddes, CEO and Founder of Appflare "Beacons enable shoppers to get a far more personalised experience, by receiving relevant offers at the right time and place via their favourite technology - their mobile. In our trials consumers have embraced the option to receive these location based offers, with engagement levels increasing as much as fifteen fold."

iBeacons + Beacon Management + Apple Pay
Now imagine the power of Apple Pay and iBeacons working together. Consumer can now use their iPhone 6 from start to finish of the purchase funnel. First, iBeacons can trigger personalized and targeted content/offers to consumers. This helps marketers build awareness and increases the "Propensity-to-buy” for specific products and services as shoppers approaches and browses a specifc physical location. Next, a shopper quickly redeems a iBeacon offer at the point of sale using Apple Pay. Once the sale is complete, a unique offer is flagged as “redeemed” within the beacon management platform’s offers to better refine future offers and targeted content for that specific consumer.

iBeacons in Market: Appflare & Time Inc (IPC Media)
Starting in September, Proximity 5 is working with Appflare to manage and execute Time Inc's (IPC Media) beacon triggered promotions. The initial promotion will be for discounted copies of leading IPC Media magazines - Chat, Pick Me Up, Woman and TV & Satellite Week, and will start on 1 September across One Stop’s 740 UK stores. Customers will be able to take advantage of this exclusive offer for the whole of September. For more information on the promotion visit here.

How it works
To receive the offers, customers will need to download the participating merchant's or Appflare's Redeem app, turn their notifications on and enable their Bluetooth connection when they enter the store. Proximity 5’s PX5 platform and mobile SDK will send the discount codes directly to their smartphone as they enter the store through Beacon technology. The discount codes can be redeemed at the till/cashier, or shared with friends via Facebook. Only customers who have chosen to take part will receive the offers, and they can easily opt out anytime by turning their notifications off.

How will it work with Apple Watch?
Apple Watch may play an important role in how an iBeacon offer is announced to a consumer. We are looking at new ways to present this flow. In the future, a consumer may just turn their wrist to see an offer is waiting.

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Proximity 5 is a fully-managed cloud based beacon management service featuring highly-available APIs, SDKs, triggered proximity events, web-based tools, 24/7 monitoring, and expert support. Since its inception in 2014, Proximity 5 is dedicated to bringing affordable micro-location technology to businesses and developers. Let Proximity 5 handle the last 5 meters between your app and the physical environment. Learn more at proximity5.com.

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Appflare® specialises in the installation and management of secure Bluetooth beacons in public locations. The beacons are used by retailers and app developers to give consumers location relevant engagement. Appflare® provides a fully managed service for retailers and a range of tools for developers, including API’s and an SDK. The business, formed in 2013, was founded by Owen Geddes and the team behind The Cloud and Freerunner. The team has expertise not just in consumer propositions, but also in the radio, platform and app technologies required to build a compelling mobile experience.


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