iBeacons, not just a retail opportunity. We need to think bigger.

Written By: proximityfive
Published: Jun 13, 2014

iBeacon technology has huge potential, and not just within retail. Its possible uses are much bigger and broader than marketing. iBeacons could revolutionize experiences by optimizing how things and services react to us. It doesn’t have to be aggressive technology that bombards users with content as they walk around, but a passive and assistive aid to our mobile lives. People want a great customer experience. Great customer experiemces drive engagement, repeat visits, and overall satisfaction. This is especially true in customer service and hospitality. By placing iBeacons at key locations (entrances, lobbies, and customer service areas), a company's mobile app can proactively trigger and execute key value-add tasks prior to direct customer interaction.

Just imagine this real world scenario. You travel to a resort for vacation. You arrive at the hotel entrance and begin exit from a taxi. While you are still outside, your mobile phone detects an iBeacon and lets the hotel know you have arrived. Immeditiately the hotel gets your room key, retrieves your stay information packet, and notifies concierge that a VIP has arrived. All of these tasks could send a message to mobile device as they occur.. but don't!. Don't overwhelm them with information. Maybe you just want to tell them “Welcome, John you have been checked in” or nothing at all. iBeacons can help exceed expectations by helping businesses do things faster, behind the scenes, and with less customer involvement. Just imagine the possible uses at hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, stores, theaters, and more... Anyplace where you have repeat and-or high value users, iBeacons can enhance user experience.

The list below provide some thoughts on possible iBeacon uses. We have listed opportunities by mobile discovery, automation, and white glove services.

iBeacon Usage Opportunities

Mobile Discovery

  • Points of Interest
  • Local Announcements

Home, Vehicle, Business Automation

  • Turn devices ON & OFF
  • Personalized Settings (Devices, Environmental)
  • Activity Notifications (Door is left open, Family Member Enters/Exits, etc.)
  • Security Systems
  • Locate Missing Items

White Glove Services

  • Hospitality/Hotels - (Checking In & out, Room Service, Pool-side Service, Resort Information, Guest Location)
  • Concierge - (VIP Services)
  • Car Rental - (Arrival, Departure, Car Location)
  • Airport Assistance
  • Event Coordinators (Organize visitors, Virtual Headcount, Checkpoints)
  • Customer Service (Appointments, Staffing Optimization, Assitance, Emergency Services)

These opportunies are why Proximity 5 created the PX5 platform. At Proximity 5, our cloud based PX5 task engine allows mobile devices to trigger background tasks as they enter and-or exit an iBeacon’s proximity. PX5 can deliver content to a mobile device, but that is just a fraction of the potential.

About Proximity 5

Proximity 5 is a fully-managed cloud based beacon management service featuring highly-available APIs, SDKs, triggered proximity events, web-based tools, 24/7 monitoring, and expert support. Since its inception in 2014, Proximity 5 is dedicated to bringing affordable micro-location technology to businesses and developers. Let Proximity 5 handle the last 5 meters between your app and the physical environment. Learn more at proximity5.com.


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